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This site is dedicated to the KB ITT Radios which were available in the UK during the 20th century
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KB Radios which may not have passed the design stage
A collection of stylish, weird and wonderful photographs
which came from the KB archives.

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I wonder if this stylish record player
was ever made and sold.

This radio seems to be a prototype which did not make it into production.
It looks like it was planned to have an optional stand as well.

Or an alternative front panel  maybe, and a different stand, but the general cabinet shape is similar to the DR10
This is a radio I have never seen around, I wonder if it made it into production.

This would have been a spectacular radiogram for the large home.
Pretty sure this did not go to production,
but I bet it would have sounded great if it had.

I wonder if this ended up in production,
maybe as this one FB10
or the FP151

KB did however make hearing aids.
Hearing aids in a presentation pack.


Read about Medresco Hearing Aids

This may have been a device to enable blind persons to hear commentary given by a friend at say a football match.

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