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This site is dedicated to the KB ITT Radios which were available in the UK during the 20th century
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Kolster Brandes, NRP11, 1956

The KB NRP11


The Volume is on the left and the Tone on the right

Closed for carrying

The underside of the record deck


The 3 transistor amp and speaker


Portable Battery Operated Transistor Record Player

Transistors; OC71 OC72 OC72

Power supply; 7.5 volt, Ever Ready AD42

Dimensions mm; W=220, H=125, D=293

See the KB 279, in the Radio Museum

See a demonstration of the KB NRP11 working

The KB NRP11 is a 3 transistor player which is fitted with a Garrard BA1 battery record deck, designed to play 7 inch singles at 45RPM.
The cartridge is a Cosmocord GP69 crystal pick-up with a Cosmocord SK2 stylus.
The whole unit is powered by a single 7.5 volt battery such as the Ever Ready AD42, and the speed of the player is adjusted with a 100 ohm potentiometer so that as the battery voltage runs down the speed can be adjusted.
There should be a printed Stroboscope disk on the turntable to aid setting the speed accurately.
The player switches on as the pickup arm is moved toward the record.



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