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This site is dedicated to the KB ITT Radios which were available in the UK during the 20th century
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Kolster Brandes, War-Time Civilian Receiver, 1944?

The back of the WCR


View showing the inside of the restored WCR

Front view of the chassis, restored

Under the chassis after restoration

Under the chassis before restoration,


The label on top of the cabinet

U32 Serial number prefix show this example was manufactured by KB


Medium wave, 4 valve, plus rectifier Superhet AC mains radio

Valves; BVA276 BVA243 BVA267 BVA211

Power supply; AC mains, 200 to 250 volts

Dimensions mm; W=305, H=343, D=165

See the KB War-time Civilian Receiver in the Radio Museum

The mains transformer seen in these images is from another unmarked make of WCR chassis.

These radios were made by the radio industry towards the end of the 2nd WW, by the direction of the Government.
The radio set was designed by Dr. G. D. Reynolds of Murphy Radio Ltd.
44 different manufacturers were involved in making the sets, all to the same design.
Over 175,000 were made.

The label on top of the radio reads;

The manufacturers of the radios were not obviously identifiable, and the valves all had a standardised BVA identification. But there was a prefix (U code) to the serial number which could be linked to the particular manufacturer.
The example seen here has the prefix U32 indicating that it was manufactured by Kolster Brandes.



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