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This site is dedicated to the KB ITT Radios which were available in the UK during the 20th century
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Kolster Brandes, 333, 1933

The KB 333 dial

Under the chassis before restoration,

Above the chassis

The back panel appears
to not be original

A view in the back
with a panel removed
to show the speaker


Medium & Long wave, 3 valve, Battery only TRF Radio

Valves; PM12M S23 PM22A

Batteries; HT battery 120v 90v 60v
LT battery  2v
Bias  9v & 4.5v

Dimensions mm; W=440, H=336, D=263

See the KB 333, in the Radio Museum

Note; The KB 333 has a total of three tuned circuits (including band-pass input) and HF, Det, LF valve circuit, with pentode output feeding a moving coil speaker.

Below are a couple of photos of a radio, recently added to the KB Museum, which appears to have the same chassis as the KB 333 but in a different cabinet. The radio has been fully restored, including some new wood panels.
The combined volume/reaction control appears to have been changed at some point for 2 separate controls, the lower right one is the volume.
This radio has solid brass escutcheons for the wave change and tuning dial, not Bakelite ones like the KB 333.



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