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This site is dedicated to the KB ITT Radios which were available in the UK during the 20th century
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Kolster Brandes, 279, 1931

The KB 279


View showing the On/off switch on the right side

Under the chassis after restoration,

Under the chassis before restoration,


Above the chassis after restoration


A view in the back

Label seen inside the cabinet


Medium & Long wave, 3 valve, plus rectifier TRF AC mains radio

Valves; AC2HL AC/S2 PM24B 1807

Power supply; AC mains, 6 settings, 100 to 250 volts

Dimensions mm; W=387, H=490, D=270

See the KB 279, in the Radio Museum

The images seen here were taken of the radio following its restoration.
During the restoration of the chassis originality was the key point.
The cabinet as seen here is all in original condition.

The radio can  resolve 3 really strong stations on Long Waves, including RTE, BBC R4 & a French station, and about 3 more quiet ones. Lots of strong stations on Medium Waves and it is quite easy to resolve them with careful use of the fine tuning control and aerial capacitor. On MW the Reaction control hardly needs adjustment, it is just left fully anticlockwise. On LW the reaction control has a more pronounced effect and some adjustment is an advantage as you tune across the wave band.
Volume is very loud , you need to back off the aerial capacitor and detune slightly to get a reasonable comfortable listening level. This is easily the best TRF wireless set I have come across. All in all a very good radio and quite easy to operate with the ganged tuning control and fine tuning capacitor.


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