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This site is dedicated to the KB ITT Radios which were available in the UK during the 20th century
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ITT TA-1-200 Stereo Tuner Amp, 1973

ITT TA-1-200 from above

ITT TA-1-200 rear view showing sockets

ITT TA-1-200 underside

ITT TA-1-200 chassis

ITT TA-1-200 chassis with dial removed


Medium, Long, Short & FM
Stereo Tuner Amplifier.

Power supply; AC Mains; 220 to 240 volts

Dimensions closed mm; W=489, H=90, D=279

See the ITT TA-1-200 in the Radio Museum

Output 10w 1dB at 1% distortion (music power) into 4 ohms
Frequency Range 3dB at 40Hz and 20kHz
Loudspeaker impedance 4 ohms -16 ohms
Wavebands VHF/FM, LW, MW, SW
Electrical features; Illuminated tuning indicator. Varicap VHF/FM tuner. Switchable AFC on FM. Push-button pre-sets or continuous tuning on VHF/FM. Separate scales for each pre-set button. Stereo indicator lamp ( lights up when receiving stereo programmes.)
Controls; On/off-volume. Balance. Treble. Bass. Tuning; (rotary). Mono, disc, LW, MW, SW, FM, AFC, FM (manual). FM1, 2, 3, and 4 (pre-set push-buttons),
When using the receiver for playing back tape recordings, the disc button and LW button should both be depressed.
Cabinet finish; Brushed aluminium


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