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This site is dedicated to the KB ITT Radios which were available in the UK during the 20th century
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ITT, "Super Touring 350", 1986

Top showing the wave change buttons

The main unit

A view showing the back

The FM preset controls

Speakers separated
from main unit

Medium, Long, SW, & FM
Stereo portable radio cassette recorder.


Power supply; 12 volts, 8 x 1.5 volt D batteries
AC 240 volts

Dimensions mm;
Main unit; W=465, H=250, D=120
Each side speaker; W=140, H=250, D=120

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Stereo radio cassette ghetto blaster, with 5 FM preset stations, & Dolby NR. Speakers are detachable to enhance stereo effect.
Input is switchable for Magnetic pickup cartridge (TA) or Ceramic pickup cartridge / CD player (TB).
RMS output power approximately 20 watts max.



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