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This site is dedicated to the KB ITT Radios which were available in the UK during the 20th century
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ITT KB, SL50 "Electronic" Cassette Recorder, c.1969


A rear view showing sockets

The layout of the insides
of the ITT KB SL50

The identification labels

Portable Radio Cassette Recorder.

Transistors;   2SB134 2SB134 2SB135 2SB135 2SB457 2SB457 2SB370 2SD77 2SB136

Power supply; 110-150 or 200 - 240v AC 
or 5 x 1.5 volt "C" batteries

Dimensions mm; W=168, H=62, D=240

See the ITT KB SL50 in the Radio Museum

Service manual;

The ITT-KB SL50 can be used on either 110 or 240v AC. To change the voltage setting remove the 4 screws in the base, release the cassette door and remove the top half of the case. The cover over the power input pins can then be turned round to expose the correct pins.


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